To Provide Quirky Custom Fiber, Crafts & Notions at a Reasonable Price! 


About Me

Welcome to my site! My name is Eric Wilson, and I am the artist behind WoolaBull. I am very lucky to live in South Western Colorado with my Partner. My love for fiber started in the late 90's when my mother taught me how to crochet at age 10. I continued to learn more about fiber while experimenting with crochet techniques, and in the spring of 2021 I learned how to spin my own yarn. Learning to spin really lit a fire for me to turn my passion into a business, and so WoolaBull was created in November of 2021. The name is a callback to my childhood farm days where we raised Charolais cattle. There are numerous influences I utilize in my art, however the beach and local scenery tends to play a large part in many of my projects.

One of the biggest reasons I created WoolaBull was to offer handmade art and doodads at a price for everyone. There is nothing better then wearing, gifting, or working with something handmade, so I want to try and make it possible for everyone to have that opportunity. Customization is also a major reason I wanted to start WoolaBull. Its really satisfying to look at a quirky custom stitch marker as you log in hours on a fiber project.

So whether your looking for luxury handspun yarn, quirky wooden stitch markers, or miscellaneous fiber art, hopefully I can help add some handmade quirkiness to your life!   

Where to Find WoolaBull

You can shop here by visiting the Products tab above, and I am proud to be a consigner at South West Farm to Yarn in Cortez Colorado! Come visit us to check out this great store full of local artisan crafts and fiber.


Southwest Farm To Yarn Collective

360 W 1st St, Unit B

Cortez, CO 81321